Sunday, 15 February 2015

Those lists I always make......

The lists and lists and lists.. of stuff.. that I then promptly forget where I put and nothing ever gets done.......
My friend just posted this on her blog.. and with her permission.. here is the LINK... Thank you so much Shelley.. for posting, letting me post and inspiring me Humongously!!! GO SEE!!!!  It was like a lightbulb moment.. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna do this!  And I am gonna do it fancy and smancy and pretty... no more boring lists for me!

I have even dug out the "OMG this is soooooo Lush I can never use it" Stampin Up This and That (Smash-esque) book another friend bought me last year.. and.. I AM GONNA USE IT!!!!  (I also have Smash books that I can use.. so no excuses!!)


Watch this space! :-) x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I appear to have lost 20 days!

Oh am I bad!!!!  I made very few New Years Resolutions this year.....  Art More.... Self Care (less Guilt!)  Put on a Stone (sorries) and BLOG!  That was about it.. and although I am arting, doing fairly well with the self care... eating loads (but I haven't weighed myself) I have failed miserably at blogging!  Whoops!  Bad Me!

So.. belated .. but... HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)

What ya all been up to?  It is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here as I type.. but no snow, which I think it very stinky.. if it is going to be this damn cold.. at least make it pretty as well!  And I want to make massive Snow Angels!

Done a few arty bits this year... with the Fabulous Effy in Book of Days, and the Fabulous Tam of Willowing in LifeBook 2015.... both amazing courses and again I am learning so much!

PLUS.. I do have some rather exciting news.... I GOT PUBLISHED!!!!  Yes.. serious.. I am so so thrilled... LOOK------->
This is Simon.. the creator of the book.. it was such a fabulous idea..... I sort of stumbled into it by accident and I am so thrilled I did!  Simon put up a series of photographs of himself... and 100 of us drew, painted, interpreted him... such a great idea.. the standard of work is incredible.. I feel very humbled to be included among it!  The book is called  1 Man, 100 Faces.  And this space.... there may be more news soon ;-)

A couple more Arty pictures.... these are from LifeBook.... this was lesson one and I had so much fun.. I kept doing it!  I just love Tams way of shading faces, and I am getting better with each one I do.... Yayyyyy! 

And a last picture to leave you with...... do you know what a foot looks like?  I mean 12 inches, not the things at the end of your leg... LOL

TaDaaaaaaa!!!!  I am thrilled!
Right.. off to do something ..... not sure what yet.. but back soon... I hope! :-)
Toodles! x

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Post Christmas, Pre New Year

and doing my annual ramblings on what has passed and what I want for the next 12 months!

Same blog.. but new name and hopefully a bigger and more confident Arty Identity.  I really want to keep this blog up to date and active, but hey we will see!  Going to try lots of the fancy buttons blogger has to offer too.. I never really have learned how it all works!
Been a tough 12 months... had my head in the sand for a lot of it... Health issues have caused me all kinds of strife and I have sort of sunk into myself and wallowed a little bit...  I know I can't have a Magic Fix, but over the next few months I intend to climb and clamber and haul myself out of my pit.  I know I will have down days, but I plan on trying to control the extent of them... and make a Bad Day an OK day instead.  OK days I can live with.. bad days are getting to me!

I am going to be bigger and bolder with my art life.... I have so many experimentals I want to try.. so why not.. lets try them.... plus I am in a group where we commit to do 100 faces... so that is being started soon.... and I am trying as hard as I can to sign up for as many of Effy Wilds courses as I can for another year, cos, well.. I have to! .... plus I won a seat on the 2015 LifeBook with the fabulous Tam of Willowing Art.. so Art is in the list of things to do in New Year.

Not going to waffle on much more.. just needed to get a post up and out there to keep this blog rolling.....  so.. if you are gonna stick around.. watch out for a HUGE amount of Art to be posted!

Toodles.. and a Happy New Year! *mwah*

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Anybody still there?

Ermm.. Hello... haven't blogged for so long, I doubt anyone is still with me! :-)
Anyhoo... just in case there is an follower still.. and there is interest still.. I have been busy in the back ground doing *stuff*  which can be found here, my new website and blog.... still rather basic and little.. seeing how it all goes before I shell out the necessary pennies to make it all singing and dancing... but for now, all Arting, Blogging, Waffling etc as well as future Big Plans.. (sssshh.. secret still)  will be occurring there.....  Keeping this one open tho.. just as a back up for when I spectacularly fail plan whatever I am up to! LOL
So.. hopefully see you there.. maybe?
Toodles! xxxxx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

That Craft Place HOP!!!

Yayyy... Good morning!  As I type.. the sun is beaming and it is a stunning day... hope it is where you are too!  I am off to cook myself in it.... Perfect! :-)
So today, we are doing a Blog Hop.... not done one for ages, so very exciting.. and there is Candy and Prizes... Yayyyy (again)  You should have found me via Gayle,  If you didn't, why not jump back to Lisa at the start and hop through......

 Here is a bit about it.....

Come and join us on our blog hop for 
We are having a wonderful Blog hop to show case our amazing Design Tem 
theme is Anything goes so dont forget to enter into our challenge 

Links to Shop and Groups Ditzie Digi Design's inspiration 
We give away freebies in the Ditzie Digi Design group once a month so please hop over and say Hi 

Here's the prize's 

 1st £10 spend in That Craft Place
 2nd £10 DDD esty store 
 3rd £5 That Craft Place 
 4th £5 DDD etsy store 

Now to win you need to make sure your a member of each group 

Now the amazing Design Team have some inspiration on there blogs and ( some of the DT ladies are giving away there creations to one lucky blogger ) so make sure you hop by and give them some love 

Love & Hugs 
from all of us at 
That Craft Place

  So... here are my offerings....  I took a blank house cubby hole thingy, spayed it with various inks and Dylusions Sprays.. and them just went mad filling it up....   Love making random stuff like this.... just for the sake of it.. and it looks smashing on my shelf!   Pretty much all of the ingredients are available at That Craft Place!

For a little bit of Candy.....  the images (TCP Digi stamps)  I printed onto Shrink Plastic, and then made this one into a key ring.. I will be pricking a winner at random and sending it on its merry way!

Happy Hopping.......  from me you go to Cheryl  xxxx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

DT Offerings and Monthly Challenges......

Hello!  Right... two in one here.... For this months The Cupboard Trilogy Blog Challenge, the theme is flowers.... Hmmmmmm.. don't really "do" flowers.. which is why my post is a little late in the day! :-)

Second.. I have been meandering about Facebook.. and there is a challenge for May of a Painting a Day....  A whole Painting.. Every day.. That is thirty.. WHOLE PAINTINGS....THIRTY!!!!  ****Eeeeeeek****  that is a serious commitment!  So I haven't quite signed up yet.. see how I go.. then maybe sign up later on if I keep up and back post... Hmmmmmm.... Oh OK... you just know I am going to finish this blog and go sign up don't you!   Sigh... OK.. 30 days and 30 paintings it is then!  Be prepared for Blog Overload!

Anyhoo's..... Painting One.. and DT entry..... "Flowers"

Been reading my little Watercolour Handbook.. and very informative it is too.....  been reading about Wet on Wet.. Not done that before (and Yes.. it shows!!!)  So I had a go... Only a small bit of paper, taken from an A6 watercolour pad..... so nice and non-threatening.....  Bit of Masking Fluid dotted about... watercolour paint and masses and masses of water...  Keep dropping wet paint on wet paint and dropping on water....It all bleeds out and goes a bit magical actually!!!! Leave to dry.... rub masking fluid off...... Black gel pen scribbles.... Done! ....  Fine art it most certainly not.. but great fun it was......

Suppose I will see you all tomorrow then! :-)   Toodles xxxx

  (imagine it framed.. it will look miles better framed!!)