Sunday, 23 February 2014

Litlte update.....

Sorry I have been so quiet... been frantic busy and can't believe where the time is going.......  been so busy, yet not doing much... life eh!  Half term was manic.. so looking forward to Monday and a bit of peace!

Few arty bits for you though......

A canvas I doodle-scribbled
 Comfort Zone.. one pencil face
Page done in LifeBook.. my Guardian Artist for the year.....
 Again doing LifeBook... my "pretty" page... just to prove I can!
 And the Journal I made and doodle-scribbled on for this years Book of Days, Moonshine and any other journal beauty I decide!

Toodles xxxxx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

February..... The Month of....

That Iccky lurve Stuff! :-)

Well Hello... I am still here... been frantically busy.. had a few health issues, and well.. Life just took over!  But I am Back!

And .... I am back with a New Blog DT... Now I am blogging it here, because under the DT list... I am "Something Else" as opposed to Cards, Scrapbook Layouts etc... which to my mind means I can be as wild and wonderful as I like... and it fits my arty blog nicely!

The New DT position I have is with a bunch of very very dear friends... and is over at The Cupboard Trilogy and this month the challenge is Love!

I have been painting a commission for a friend,   I had a guildline to follow, which amazingly I did pretty much stick to... although I begged to be allowed to use Purple in the colour scheme.....  I am Thrilled with it, and my friend loves it.. which is a bit of a shame cos I wanted to keep it...LOL... but.. I am thrilled... This is my second sold painting.... I think that makes me a Real Artist now!

So here it is..... from the original (freehand **smug face**) sketch through the scary "OMG I Ruined IT With The Inks" stages, to the re-drawing, the shading with Tinted Charcoal Pencils.... and the finished canvas.. which, did I mention, I love?  (excuse the slight colour variations as we go... different lighting shining on the work)

Well.. there you go... I hope you like it... leave me a note if you do!  And don't forget to pop over to the main blog and see what the others have made.......  I will see you all soon! :-) xxx