Thursday, 1 May 2014

DT Offerings and Monthly Challenges......

Hello!  Right... two in one here.... For this months The Cupboard Trilogy Blog Challenge, the theme is flowers.... Hmmmmmm.. don't really "do" flowers.. which is why my post is a little late in the day! :-)

Second.. I have been meandering about Facebook.. and there is a challenge for May of a Painting a Day....  A whole Painting.. Every day.. That is thirty.. WHOLE PAINTINGS....THIRTY!!!!  ****Eeeeeeek****  that is a serious commitment!  So I haven't quite signed up yet.. see how I go.. then maybe sign up later on if I keep up and back post... Hmmmmmm.... Oh OK... you just know I am going to finish this blog and go sign up don't you!   Sigh... OK.. 30 days and 30 paintings it is then!  Be prepared for Blog Overload!

Anyhoo's..... Painting One.. and DT entry..... "Flowers"

Been reading my little Watercolour Handbook.. and very informative it is too.....  been reading about Wet on Wet.. Not done that before (and Yes.. it shows!!!)  So I had a go... Only a small bit of paper, taken from an A6 watercolour pad..... so nice and non-threatening.....  Bit of Masking Fluid dotted about... watercolour paint and masses and masses of water...  Keep dropping wet paint on wet paint and dropping on water....It all bleeds out and goes a bit magical actually!!!! Leave to dry.... rub masking fluid off...... Black gel pen scribbles.... Done! ....  Fine art it most certainly not.. but great fun it was......

Suppose I will see you all tomorrow then! :-)   Toodles xxxx

  (imagine it framed.. it will look miles better framed!!)