Friday, 4 October 2013

Arty Travel Kit!

So... on Wednesday, I went to Art usual.. I took too much!

So I got to thinking... what do I REALLY neeeeeeed in my art pack.... to take away , to be able to do most things I want to  ,... in as few items as possible for ease of travelling.....

There are loads of videos on YouTube about it... Jennibellie being one of my favourite..... but they are their art needs.. not necessarily mine....

So here is mine.. which I am sure will not be yours... I can see you sitting there saying... WHY has she packed that?  and Where is......  but here it is anyways!

I started with my Derwent Pencil Carry All...... Ok it is a huge pencil case.. but posh.. so needs a posh name!

I have put a rule next to it so you get an idea of the size.. it is large.. but not huge.. so would happily fit in a suitcase!

And here it is filled...... I might as well say now.. pretty much everything in it (apart from the front pocket contents, stumps, brushes and waterbrushes)  is Derwent... saves me typing it out all the time!

So.. for starters.. we need a Journal.... Made this one to go in it... it is A5, so a perfect travel size! 


 OK... opened.. first section.......Here we have.......Water carrier, cloth to mop up the inevitable spills and cleaning brushes etc... ruler, small pot of Gesso, tin with rubber, sharpener and cotton buds in it...........

First "leaf" of the pencil case!  Cheap paint brushes for Gesso..... paper stumps for blending snips/scissors (just in case) (MUST add a glue stick or something!).......rubber tipped tools for blending ( my new Must Haves!) fat and thin waterbrushes, semi decent paintbrushes (I don't buy "good" ones cos I kill them) couple of stick erasers, fat and thin......

Turn over.......  We have ... White Posca Pen, Black Posca Pen, Black Faber Castel pen, Black Gel Pen........HB, 4HB and 8HB Water Soluble Graphic Pencils ( I love these.. the sketched faces in 29 faces were done with these... amazing pencils!)  Coloursoft White, Blender and Burnisher......

Derwent Tinted Charcoals....... another latest Must Have... these pencils are fabulous for hints and shadows.. I adore them.....

Aquatones... WOW.... these are why the waterbrushes are there... these sticks of pure and vibrant colour are fabulous... and they spread for miles...blend beautifully and are just amazing........ backgrounds sorted! I only have a few of them.. think I need the rest of the set! :-)

The Drawing Pencil range ... now these are fairly new to me... and I love them.... they are great for faces and sultry atmospheric backgrounds...... so perfect for my journals.....  A cracking little set and fabulous to blend with!

WoooHoooo ... an empty side to the pockets.. in case I want to add something!

And finally in the back,  under the elastic strap... my journal and my watercolour set.....

And even done up, and full of lushness...... it is  about the same size as the newest and must have hardback novel!

Now.. having learned a bit over the last few months..... I think maybe my 36 colours in the watercolour set is a bit excessive..... love it to bits... but even with all the colours in there.. I still mix the ones I want... I may get the small set of 12 and really mix them.. be easier to fit in the bag.. Plus I have a dilemma...... do I keep taking things in and out of the bag... or do I buy doubles and have the travel set packed and ready to go at all times?????


So.. there is my Travel Pack... I think I have everything I need to do my Journalling/arting/painting while I am away from home.......  what do you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know! :-)

Toodles! xxxxxx


  1. What an awesome travel pack! Where did you get that carry-all? I love it!

  2. Awesome! I never thought of a travel art kit until all the posts on Documented Life. lol Love yours!

  3. Hi,
    Just been going over some old posts and you visited me in September 2012 for my art travel bag now I have seen yours. I do like your posh pencil case. It is not too big, much better than carrying lots of separate cases wtc. I need to update mine as some of the contents have now been used up. Take care