Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pssssstttt.....Do you wanna know a secret??

You must promise not to tell... but it is VERY exciting news........

Have you heard of a shop called That Craft Place?  If you haven't (where have you been??) I linked it... so go look......  It is Fab-U-Lous......  they have a page on Facebook which is where I got to know Lisa and Danny, and give them lots of money every month, and they are the nicest people you could hope to meet.......
They also have an Etsy shop for Digi's and a Challenge Blog.  Really.. go look... they have some amazing stuff.. for crafters and arters...... they are great......

Anyhoo... why the big write up for them... well....

I MADE THE DT!!!!!!!

Oh My Everything!!!!!!!  I have known for a week, but wasn't allowed to tell....... and I haven't stopped bouncing!!!!  I am soooo soooo thrilled!!!  I am all of a dither.. so excited.. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!

Look.. I have a badge and everything.. it is official!!

The blog has some of the loveliest peeps I know on it.. a really smashing bunch and so much talent.... I am a little nervous at my arty throw-togethers being up there with them... but they picked me so I must be doing something right! :-)

I can't wait to get started..... the next challenge for the blog is 30th March (they run every two weeks) and there is oooodles of inspiration on their Facebook Natter and Chatter page........   Come join the fun!

I am off to bounce a bit more.....cos I can........ :-)

In other news....... Marcel (said in a French Accent) my mini manikin, has been busy painting down by the river.........

Have a fantabilous Sunday... the sun is shining and there is Creating to be Created......
See you all very soon. xxxxxx


  1. Congratulations! You do deserve it! I'm bouncing right along with you! And I forgot to add my badge. Must work out how to do that! lol

    1. Back at ya!!!!! Thrilled to be on the team with you all.... Soooooo excitement making!!! :-) xxx

  2. congratulation Debs you deserve it all the very Best xxxx

  3. Happy bouncing then, Debs! :)
    So great to work alongside you!
    Claudia x

    1. Thanks Claudia... I am so happy to be with you! :-) x

  4. Go girl Go, so thrilled for you Debs, you deserve it.
    Hugs xxxx

    1. Thanks Christine... :-)
      And how are you? Been ages! xxxxx

  5. Oh Wow, I am sure you will produce some fantastic items and just going to pop over to The Craft Place now for a gander. Well done!!!! :)

  6. Yay! Keep on bouncing teamie! Looking forward to all the excitement......

  7. Hi Debs!
    What an exciting day today has been. I could not do the blog hop this morning because I had the kids running around. I had a peek on your blog and there is some amazing works!
    We are going to have lots of fun in this DT.

  8. Hi debs, congratulation, well done you. Enjoy, will have a look and join Facebook page. Hugs. Carol Lockhart Stuart.