Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I appear to have lost 20 days!

Oh am I bad!!!!  I made very few New Years Resolutions this year.....  Art More.... Self Care (less Guilt!)  Put on a Stone (sorries) and BLOG!  That was about it.. and although I am arting, doing fairly well with the self care... eating loads (but I haven't weighed myself) I have failed miserably at blogging!  Whoops!  Bad Me!

So.. belated .. but... HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)

What ya all been up to?  It is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here as I type.. but no snow, which I think it very stinky.. if it is going to be this damn cold.. at least make it pretty as well!  And I want to make massive Snow Angels!

Done a few arty bits this year... with the Fabulous Effy in Book of Days, and the Fabulous Tam of Willowing in LifeBook 2015.... both amazing courses and again I am learning so much!

PLUS.. I do have some rather exciting news.... I GOT PUBLISHED!!!!  Yes.. serious.. I am so so thrilled... LOOK------->
This is Simon.. the creator of the book.. it was such a fabulous idea..... I sort of stumbled into it by accident and I am so thrilled I did!  Simon put up a series of photographs of himself... and 100 of us drew, painted, interpreted him... such a great idea.. the standard of work is incredible.. I feel very humbled to be included among it!  The book is called  1 Man, 100 Faces.  And ..watch this space.... there may be more news soon ;-)

A couple more Arty pictures.... these are from LifeBook.... this was lesson one and I had so much fun.. I kept doing it!  I just love Tams way of shading faces, and I am getting better with each one I do.... Yayyyyy! 

And a last picture to leave you with...... do you know what a foot looks like?  I mean 12 inches, not the things at the end of your leg... LOL

TaDaaaaaaa!!!!  I am thrilled!
Right.. off to do something ..... not sure what yet.. but back soon... I hope! :-)
Toodles! x


  1. Congrats on being published and I love love love your hair!!! Jo xx

  2. Well done Debs. Long time - no speak. When are you coming to see me?